Holi Woods White Sage Clearing Mist

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The Palo Santo is a mystical tree which grows in South America.  Literally meaning, “the wood of the saints,” it is from the same family as frankincense and myrrh and has been used since the Incan period to ward off mala energia. We’ve blended Palo Santo essential oil with essential oils of white sage, fairly rare to procure in high quality (but we did!), Frankincense Sacra, Peru Balsam, and clary sage in a white sage true hydrosol* to create a smokeless alternative for cleansing your environment of negative energy. Shake before use and spray liberally around your home, meditation, or yoga area. Infused with white sage leaves, palo santo stick, quartz crystal points and tiger’s eye

It smells like white sage because it is white sage.”~Alex & Ilex