Fenugreek and Bhringraj Rice Water Conditioner



This 'LOW POROSITY' Hair Treatment is an Ayurvedic Blend of Indian Herbs, Fermented Organic Rice Water, Fenugreek Seeds & Pure Plant Based Ingredients to Formulate a Power-Pack of Hair Health Essentials like Bhringraj that srengthen & stimulates the hair follicle & Penetrating Babassu Oil that's Incredibly Moisturizing & Full of Vitamins.
This Deep Treatment Provides a Glide of Silkiness as it Conditions the Hair Shaft to Combat Hair Loss, Dandruff, Greying, Baldness, Thinning & Shedding. Promotes Blood Circulation to Treat Hair Follicular Problems as it Conditions, Give Shine & Hydrates as it STRENGTHEN to Restore Hair Growth for All Hair Types & Textures.

Use Sparingly as a Little goes a Long Way. Best to use within 8 MONTHS from Purchase Date. BENEFICIAL USE: Use on Hair & Scalp after Shampoo to Penetrate Strength, Control Breakage, Hair Loss & to Grow Thicker, Shinier Hair to Moisturize, Refresh/Hydrate Twists, Curls & all Hair Types/Textures. FENUGREEK (methi) SEED Contains: High source of Nicotinic acid, proven to stimulate hair growth. Lecithin (controls frizz, aids in shine, improves hair health), contains Copper, Iron, Zinc, Calcium and other minerals beneficial for hair growth, contains Nicotinic acid that increases hair growth & potassium prevents greying, Thiamine, Vit B-6, folic acid, Vit - A & C for healthy hair growth. dht blocker to treat hormonal hair loss, has antifungal properties that fight against scalp infection. Also....- Reduces Hair Fall Out- Nourishes Hair & Scalp- Aids in Hair Regrowth- Combats Dandruffs, Itchiness & Flaky Scalp- Anti-Fungal Properties to treat Follicle Damage & Scalp Infections- Adds Hair Shine.